Thursday, May 17, 2012


tap tap tap.

Is this thing still on? I suppose I meant to update, but life gets in the way, and my camera sucks, and I'm really really good at making excuses. For example, earlier today I made a to-do list and now I'm updating this blog, rather than actually to-do-ing. Things on the agenda for today:
  1. Wash dishes
  2. Take out trash
  3. Vacuum house
  4. Wash scrubs (by hand since our washer crapped out)
  5. Sort through paper on desk
  6. Clean bathroom
Perhaps I should add 
7. Update blog and 8. Drink coffee to the list and then I'm already well into the day. 

I suppose I'm being to hard on myself. It is only 8:00 am on my day off. I'm working the entire long weekend (the joys of hospital employment), but the weather is supposed to suck so I'm not missing out on much. 

I need to get the rest of the garden beds amended and planted in the next week or so. I've planted the shallots and onions, and potted the tomatoes (though they're still inside) but I need to get the potatoes into the ground, not to mention the carrot, beet, squash, bean, and lettuce seeds.

Rhubarb is ready to harvest and I'm making up more chutney this year. It was really popular with friends and has become my favourite burger topping. I might do a double batch due to friend requests. One of things I'm going to miss most when we move is the garden, especially the rhubarb and raspberries.

Right, yes, we're moving. The Mister and I are building a condo across town as the mother-in-law is returning from living in China. Size-wise we'll be downsizing (quite a bit) but we'll make up for that with living in a new space, with new appliances, and air conditioning. It's going to be awesome. Two bedroom, two bath condo with a great kitchen (and fantastic upgraded appliances) . Can't wait, we should be in late August, early September.

Okay, okay, time to get shit done.