Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Food Purchases To be Dealt With

5 lb package lean ground beef
  • package into 1 lb portions and freeze
  • upload funny picture of tube of beef to blog
Huge bag of peas
  • shell, blanch, freeze
Jalapeno Peppers (and Serrano Peppers from Garden)
  • wash
  • slice or dice
  • pickle and hot water bath
Zucchini (two extra large ones received in trade for Bluebarb Jam)
  • grate first zucchini
  • make carrot zucchini muffins
  • make two chocolate zucchini loaves
  • grate second zucchini ***totally haven't needed it yet
  • make zucchini fritters to go with dinner
  • blanch, skin, and section
  • can with light syrup and hot water bath
Green Roma Tomatoes
  • stash in cardboard boxes with a banana in each to ripen
  • blanch, peel, halve, and hot water bath
oh dear lord I may never be done.

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